Pumpkin Seeds And Other Gifts

Pumpkin Seeds And Other Gifts

ISBN 9789970700226
ePub ISBN 9789970480012
Pages 142
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2009
Publisher Femrite Publications, Uganda
Formats Paperback, eBook


Stories from the FEMRITE Regional Writers Residency, 2008

edited by Helen Moffett, Violet Barungi

The names of those who penned the writings in this impressive collection alone tell half the story. They tell their stories in different modes. They run the whole gamut – they tell of defiance, and spin hilarious tales of elopement and wry tales of despair, loss and lovelessness. Some of the poems lift up the heart, and others peel back the blinkers that blind our eyes. There is the romantic, the macabre and the surreal. The writings never leave you indifferent – you are likely to take sides, to get angry, to laugh, to cry, and to think of a lot that goes on inside the human heart.

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