FEMRITE/GOETHE story teller, Sue Anique

FEMRITE/GOETHE story teller, Sue Anique

Sue ANIQUE is a singer/songwriter and performance poet based in Kampala, Uganda.

She is the founder of Sue ANIQUE Productions, dedicated to research into Ugandan folk culture so as to develop quality cultural products based on sound research and artistry.

Musically, ANIQUE enjoys experimenting and fusing African rhythms, stories and ideas with global ones. She calls her creative process “Making Luwombo”. Just like grand mamma’s chicken soup, she seeks for her presentations to be healing, wholesome, emotion-filled and timeless.

ANIQUE spent much of 2017 taking short courses in poetry and story-writing with the hope of merging these skills with her stagecraft skills as a singer and performance poet.

She is passionately committed to absolute excellence in all she does. As an extremely expressive performer, ANIQUE captivates her audiences with charged and emotive performances.