Call Out – FEMRITE Poetry Poster Project 4th Edition- Deadline October 2018

Call Out – FEMRITE Poetry Poster Project 4th Edition- Deadline October 2018

FEMRITE Poetry poster project 4th Edition – Going Multi-lingual!

FEMRITE – Uganda Women Writers Association invites Ugandan poets to
contribute up to 3 poems to the 4th edition of the FEMRITE Poetry
Poster Project under the theme; My Country!

This is a multi-lingual project. Submit a translation of your poem(s)
in you mother tongue as well.

Selected poems in both languages will be published in an anthology
targeting 100 poems. The poems should not be more than 30lines. They
should be typed as word documents in Times New Roman 12pts.
Please do not send a PDF file.

The Poetry Poster Project is an activity of the FEMRITE Weekly Readers
Writers Club which is open to the public.

Activity has Four main aims;
•       to reinterpret our relationship with our nation through the Theme; My Country
•       to contribute to Uganda’s reading and writing culture
•       to provide an integration platform where poets, artists and
musicians work together
•       to strengthen shared spaces of dialogue between writers and communities

Ten poems from the manuscript will be submitted to the finest artists
in the country to re-interpret the poems through painting. Musicians
will be invited to look at the anthology and select a poem which they
can turn into song. The Song will be launched along with the poetry

Ten schools will be selected to benefit from the project and priority
will be given to schools which have old girls/ boys contributing to
the anthology. Selected contributors and members of the readers /
writers club will visit the selected schools to deliver the books and
posters, conduct poetry workshops with students and commission Readers
Writers Clubs in schools where clubs do not exist.

Please note;
a)      PPP Editorial committee will get back to all successful poets by
30th Nov 2018
b)      Each poet will get 20% discount on books purchased & 50,000UGx
honoraria for each poem
c)      Each visual artist will get 20% discount on books purchased &
100,00UGx  honoraria for painting
d)      Each contributor will retain rights to their individual poems / paintings
e)      All artists will retain copyright to their art pieces
f)      All contributors will be required to sign author/publisher contract
g)      Terms for neighbouring rights accruing from selected poem for the
song will be negotiated and stipulated in a contract.

Submit Your Poems Now:
a)      Email; to or
b)      At office; The Editorial Committee Poetry Poster Project Femrite
office on plot 147, Kira Road
c)      Post Office; FEMRITE – Uganda Women Writers Association P.O Box 147, Kampala

Deadline for submission is 30th October 2018.