African Women Writers Initiative Network

African Women Writers Initiative Network

The beneficiaries of the network will be the member initiatives, the women writers especially those who belong to the initiatives and African women writers in general. The wider community will also benefit from increased home grown creative works. Most of these beneficiaries will be consulted during the process of developing a strategic plan for the African Women Writer’s Initiative Network. Other initiatives for women writers which were not represented at the Bellagio meeting will be identified for inclusion in the network.
In order to develop a strategic position for the proposed network (AWWINET), there is need for initial basic resources to invest in;

• The research and information gathering

• establishment of relevant databases

• Development of required documentation for legal requirements

• The strategic planning process

We shall be grateful to collaborate with development partners who believe in amplifying African women’s literary voices

We wish to extend our most sincere gratitude to The Rockefeller Foundation for giving us the support to hold the initial network building meeting at the very beautiful and inspiring Bellagio Centre. The meeting will certainly be a crucial landmark in the