African Women Writers Initiatives Network

African Women Writers Initiatives Network

From the 11th to 13th of November 2014, with a recommendation letter from Hon Mary Karooro Okurut, the Minister of Gender Labour and Social Development in the Ugandan Cabinet, a special Network Building meeting was convened at Bellagio Centre in Italy, to introduce the idea of establishing a network of initiatives for African Women Writers. The meeting was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and it had three major objectives:

a) To explore the possibility of establishing a strategic network of initiatives for African Women Writers that will work to advance women writing in Africa.

b) To explore ideas and strategies for new means of survival and sustainability in an environment that might not necessarily be very favorable to women writing and to the arts in general.

c) To create a platform for new connections among participating individuals and women writer’s organizations present at the meeting and those absent.

The 3-Day meeting was attended by a group of 17 women writers from ten African countries. In order to validate the proposal of a network, participants shared information, ideas, experiences, good practises as well the challenges women writer’s initiatives faced in their respective countries.